A long reflection, a deep hesitation but here you are. Standing in front of Marui's Gym, ready to conquer the world.
The life that awaits you is a life of training and challenges, a road that only the best can take.
One more step and your dream of becoming a pro-boxer begins.

Boxing is not only about surpassing your limits, it also requires an extremely good sense of combat.
You must build your own fighting style and skills by training and, most of all, by stepping into the ring.

Then once you eventually made your name, you'll have to fight in order to keep it. This is all about how high you can climb and how long you can stand. Falling, however, is easy and quick. What you'll gain from it only depends on what you were looking for to start with.

About the Gym:
Name: Marui's Gym
Customers: 13
Location: Close to Kashiwa station in Chiba
Founder: Sh?z? Marui (Trainer & Manager)
He made it to the World Ranking but he retired before winning a championship belt.
Grandson: Shun Marui
A fast boxer training at his grandfather's gym.
Marui's Gym was built at a time when boxing was incredibly popular, at a time when you could watch boxing bouts everyday on TV. With the will to train young men so they could bring into reality the dream he couldn't reach, Marui made his own boxing gym.

While boxing remains popular, aspiring pro-boxers became a rare thing.
Marui's gym well known for its hard training and strict diet has seen its number of customers considerably decrease.

That is when a young man appears at Marui's doorstep.
"Is this the right place to become the world champion?" he asked to the old Marui.
A feeling of nostalgia, a reminder of his younger self, Marui saw something in that kid.
In order to fully train that young man, Marui even started to be less demanding on future applicants to cover the training cost.