What are the differences with Comic Workshop?
・The top screen view can be switch to display a photo/picture. Useful to keep a model picture on sight.

・The “Picture Drawing” tool. While drawing, a previously selected picture will gradually appear.

・Preview your paintings easily with the intuitive scroll menu.

・15 different interface designs to choose from. Futuristic to girly.

・Large amount of funny Stickers and Roller Stamps in full color. Create your own Stickers, Roller Stamps in full color too.

・Use the +Control Pad as shortcut for Undo and Redo commands.

・A friendly price!

Comic Workshop or Painting Workshop?
Go for Comic Workshop if you want to make comics or manga. The Storyboard/Clean Copy modes,
Text Entry tool, Speech bubbles, Layout templates and others onomatopoeias are here to help make a comic/manga.

Painting Workshop is more easy to handle and use.
With a quick access to paintings and many colorful Stickers, even the youngest ones can have fun with it.

How many paintings can I save?
You can save up to 54 canvas.

How do I save a painting on the SD Card?
. While on the Canvas, press the START button to access the Pause Menu and then touch the [Photo] icon.
. By the Canvas selection menu, touch the [Photo] icon.

The selected Canvas will be saved as JPG on the SD Card's DCIM foler.

How to post my creations on the internet?
■From a PC:
After saving your creations on the SD Card, make sure that you turned off your Nintendo 3DS and take off the SD Card. If your Computer is equipped with a SD Port, insert the SD Card there. If not, you may need a SD Card Reader.

Then you just have to go to the SD Card folder called DCIM and copy the picture that you want to use.

You can also use the Nintendo 3DS internet browser in order to send the pictures by email.

■From the 3DS itself:
After saving a picture, you can use the Nintendo 3DS Image Share Tools to submit it on Twitter, Facebook and Tumblr.

Nintendo Image Share

How do I submit my work to Workshop Gallery?
Go to Workshop Gallery and register by click on the top-right icon "New Account".

Once your account is confirmed and you are logged in, go to the submit section and fulfil the form.