Discover a fantastic world. A story between two worlds in which a prestigious school of wizardry is being attacked. You have been summoned to this place and it will be your duty to change its tragic fate. The school possesses 4 gates situated on each cardinal direction, each one having its own climate. A funky janitor will help you in your quest, as well as Katrina, a young but talented student. Follow the story’re the main character! Travel between dimensions in order to bring back peace. Create some funny situations with the multiple choices’ system and stop your enemies’ malicious plans. To become a great summoner is the only way to defeat them! Summon some crazy creatures directly coming from the Greek, Medieval, Germanic, Roman and others classic mythologies. Rediscover the legendary Phoenix, Centaur, Mermaid, Chimera and many more! Loyal to their summoner, they’ll help you defend the school’s gates.