Making Overview

  1. Page Size

    Choose between Painting and Manga
    standard sizes or manually set your
    page size. *960px x 960px maximum.

    The option to activate Miiverse
    screenshots is also available on this

  2. Comic Strip Templates

    Various preset layouts available.
    Both comic book and manga styles
    are available.

    Panels are automatically adjusted to the page size
    and you can still edit them one by one.

  3. Storyboard

    Make the draft of the page with simple
    sketches, position your characters and
    speech bubbles, adjust panels, etc.

    Colors are now usable!
    A Storyboard Skip option is available for
    those who want to directly go to Clean Copy.

  4. Clean Copy

    Take your time to make fine drawings,
    clean panels, add texts and various
    other effects.

    Edit panels one by
    one as many times
    as you wish.