Other Functions

Panel Tool
Move, resize, distort and select a panel style with this tool.
*Only available in Storyboard mode.
Pencil Eraser Straight Lines
Classic but effective tools.

Adjust their thickness, density and opacity to your needs.
Color Picker
Take and copy any color displayed on your page.
Can't be used on a locked color slot.
Soften parts of the page.

You can set its range and intensity.
Pattern Filling Drawing
More than 60 different patterns!

Easily add a pattern or tone to a part of your drawing. You can also make your own.
Add perfect shapes.

NEW: Frame color can be changed.
Picture Tool
Import photos saved on your console.

*Disabled when Miiverse Screenshot Posting is On.
Hand Tool
Smoothly navigate within the page with your stylus.

*Most of these tools are only available in Clean Copy mode.