What's New?

New & Upgraded Tools
Quick & Easy!

Select both starting and ending colors, adjust the opacity and tolerance, set its size and direction.

Saturated Linework
Manga's most popular feature!

Add stylish saturated lines centered on a character or any other object.

Zoom Tool
It is now possible to smoothly zoom within the page with your stylus and touch screen!

Paint Bucket
Easily fill a whole surface!

NEW: Adjust tolerance and opacity.
Selection Tool
Copy, Cut and Paste!

NEW: A Clipboard is now available to paste a selection to another panel or page.
Many more!

NEW: Now in full-color and you can manually rotate or flip them!
Roller Stamps
Many more!

NEW: Full-color presets available!
Speech Bubbles
Easily add a balloon.

NEW: Change the frame color and adjust the pointer position within its balloon.
All new Text tool!

NEW: Manually set the size and add a gradation effect!
New Functions
Color Lock
Keep safe your favorites colors by adding a lock to it!

Layer Blending Mode
In addition to the original Alpha mode, "Adding" and "Multiply" modes are now available for great color mixing.

360°Rotation & Aspect Ratio Lock
Stickers, Roller Stamps, Texts, Selections and Pictures can now be manually rotated. An Aspect Ratio Lock is also available to resize without distorting.

Tutorial Quick Access
Access to a tool's related lesson directly from the workspace.

Transparency Lock
Use this option to make the background transparent. Then only already drawn parts will be affected by new drawings.

Horizontal Flip
Invert the page or panel.

Display a grid on top of the page or panel.

Storyboard Skip
Directly go to Clean Copy by setting the Storyboard Skip mode to On.

Make your own button configuration!
*The following is the one by Default.
View *Fixed Options menu *Fixed
Raise Tabs Lower Tabs
Hide/Show Tabs Display Switch
Zoom In Zoom Out
Previous Tool Next Tool
Undo function Redo function
Transparency Lock Quick Save
Back Horizontal Flip

*Most of these functions are only available in Clean Copy mode.